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it's often about image - the halfling project - just because you don't get it don't mean it's not there!!







The Halfling Blog!

My history of writing blogs for the project is not good.

I  tend instead to use social media - but it really is quite important to master this writing on the website rather than totally public forum.

So here we go then - the blog for the project starts here.

Unlike social media I can more often speak bluntly and give opinions in a way I would edit on a general platform.

However i will ofcourse continue to respect the confidential aspects of the project.

The opinions shared here are those of William David unless stated otherwise and should not be quoted in edited form due to potential context issues.

If anyone wishes to respond just e.mail me at - I hope this website will become a two way discussion piece as it builds.

So here we go then - the blog starts from now!!

Did i just say that again?


William David

December 2015